BV House + Office Brussels 2021
House DM Halle 2020
Kindergarten Windekind Brussels
BE House Brussels 2022
J&M House Anderlecht 2010
A&T House Wemmel 2020
TVDS House Brussels 2017+2024
HI House Brussels
IC house Brussels
NT House Duisburg, Tervuren 2015
Vacation home Ibiza
BMW apartments Reims, France
T&A house Gent 2012
J&S House Brussels
house Perche Saint-Cyr-la-Rosière, France
M&J house Vossem, Tervuren 2008
AB House Brussels
GLV Showroom Tubize
Nieuwland appartements Brussels 2003

Depending on the quality of the existing building, the desired program, comfort and the available budget, we can transform a house and keep only the essentials or opt for a small renovation where several elements are preserved. We then expose the qualities of the existing and add what added value can mean. If the building already has a monumental or cultural value or is of historical importance and we have to try to preserve or recreate most elements as best as possible, we speak of a restoration.