BV House + Office Brussels 2021
House DM Halle 2020
A&T House Wemmel 2020
BE House Brussels 2022
J&M House Anderlecht 2010
HZ interior Brussels 2015
IC house Brussels
T&A house Gent 2012
CM House Asse 2011
J&S House Brussels
T&T House Brussels 2017
AS House Brussels
AB House Brussels

Also referred to as the linked house. A terraced house has fewer loss surfaces, compared to many detached houses, the energetic footprint will therefore be smaller in any case. Since a terraced house is usually located in the city or in a village centre, the added value in terms of spatiality and mobility is also an asset. Current trends make building or renovating terraced houses more and more relevant. A terraced house does not necessarily have to be less light, there are plenty of options for getting light from all sides with inner gardens or patios. One can play with heights and voids to add spaciousness. A terraced house does require more specific attention to the acoustic requirements of the common walls.