VMSW competition


VMSW competition

Oudegem 2009

Open Competition, shortlisted

Sixteen houses, each with their individuality, form an integrated whole which duplicate the typology of the neighbouring houses, smaller entities with gable roof on the Oude Baan and with a flat roof on the Varenbergstraat. The block is divided into smaller parts similar to the surroundings: they were slightly shifted to each other. Multiple entries were created, there is small scale and the residents get the feel of a private house and not the feeling of entering an apartment block. The entrances are also in the side walls, so that it is more diffuse how many entities exactly are in stack. By the play of the windows, different in size and position each home is different.

Each unit has its specific strengths. There are more intimate apartments, apartments facing the square … Because the formats are very different a fragmented frontage is also creates. The windows are placed inside the facade which gives the impression they are placed random and arbitrary. Inside the units can still be shifted without affecting the facades.

Although each type has its own character and view, it applies to all units that outside contact is easily possible. As many units as possible enjoy the inner area , or have a private garden. The views on these gardens from other units have been limited partly by pointing the houses in the Varenbergstraat to the square. Units which have no garden, all have a terrace. Six units have a large terrace on the roof of their lower neighbors, two units got a smaller terrace facing the square.

The parking spaces, covered with a carport structure with a green roof, were grouped in the middle of the inner area. The gardens touching the carports have a slope, so the carports are both integrated in the countryside and the parking lots are completely hidden from the top apartments. The internal structure is for acoustic reasons is build in masonry and concrete, the exterior walls are constructed in well insulates timber walls covered with masonry and tiles in the same color. The small side walls are made of plaster. This logic ensures that the volumes are both technically and visually separated.