Nieuwland duplex


Nieuwland duplex

Brussels 2003

The duplex has a very limited surface of about 90 square meters, the main idea was to get the maximum spacious feeling without losing functionality. By lifting the inclined roof on one side, we obtained some extra square meters, by taking away the floor on the other side we got not only more light in the hearth of the duplex but we also got a visual contact between the two floors. The separation between the floors is fully glassed.

From the master bedroom the floor almost runs fluently into the floor underneath it, in the living room. The inclined roof got tree long lightstrokes, thats why the hole space is bathing in light all day. Before the renovation the hole building had a robust character, this was kept and the idea was reinforced by choosing a limited amount of materials. All the unnecessary was omitted, the essential is carefully detailed.

All furniture is designed, the kitchen block, the kitchen wall and the sanitary block forming one unity. The office desk strongens the perspective lines in the house. The stair is treated very transparent, the steps are made of folded metal. The full duplex, also the kitchen and the bathroom have the same floor, the different spaces flowing better together and enlarging the hole duplex The wooden floor and the door frameworks are in merbau-wood, this color is also very similar to the old authentic beams. On the upper level the different zones are separable by slide doors. The bathroom is integrated in the bedroom and the bad itself is placed on the same level of the washbasin.

i.c.w. Ewoud Saey

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