solidsurfacedesign 2004

Eating in the garden or on the terrace enjoys great popularity especially in the summer. Meals are partly in the kitchen prepared (salads, bread, vegetables) and then often cooked in the garden on the grill.

To give more flexibility and convenience to the preparation of meals in the garden, we designed the garden-kitchen “CORIANDER” not only consisting an electric grill, it offers at the same time a large work surface and a waterhole. The modern object made from Corian does not require costly alterations. An outlet for the power supply of the barbecue and a garden hose for water supply is sufficient to transform the garden or terrace in a functional “Open Air” kitchen.

The high degree of flexibility of the mobile cooking unit is complemented by easy transportation. The wheels at the water-side and the integrated handles on the opposite side guarantee a comfortable move of the object by a single person.

The object consists of a Corian-panels in sandwich construction. Between the different colored Corian layers are channels for the power and water lines. On one side the cooking unit is equipped with electric grill, which is provided with a circumferential silicone sealing (heat-insulated) in the construction Corian admitted. The clear control panel is integrated in the flexible silicone element in order to ensure an easy cleaning of the switch.

Opposite the grill there is a water source that is operated by means of an ergonomic foot pedal. The water fountain, which is connected to a conventional garden hose, suitable for washing hands, cleaning kitchentools and for filling carafs of glasses. To avoid a costly and visual blocking waste water installation, the water runs at the side wall of the object and then seeps without making splaches into the ground.

There is a spacious work area that is from two sides equally usable between the grill and the waterhole. Thus, there are great possibilities of the garden-kitchen “CORIANDER” in a variety of architectural environments.

i.c.w. Jan-Hendrik De Groote, product-designer